Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Illinois Abortuary’s Attempt to Silence Pro-Lifers Backfires

If you don’t read LifeSiteNews; you probably should.

They’ve reported about an abortion mill in Rockford, IL several times for their bizarre attempts to silence, shack, and discourage pro-life demonstrators. The mill’s operators have done everything from posting signs and religious symbols (Jesus giving the finger and mutilated crucifixes to name a few) and recently have used their public announcement system to broadcast live radio loud enough that women approaching the mill can’t hear pro-lifers asking if they need information or help.

The radio station the mill happened to be broadcasting had a cancellation so the DJ elected to take listener calls. Seizing the opportunity, one of the pro-lifers at the mill got out his cell phone and got on the air and explained—crystal clear across the mill’s own PA system—what the mill was using the radio station for.

The DJ, after hearing his show was being used to silence pro-lifers, exclaimed “God bless pro-lifers! God bless pro-lifers! God bless pro-lifers!" and allowed the caller to explain why he and the other demonstrators were at the mill.

At least one woman who was already inside the clinic went back outside, gave the demonstrators a thumbs up, and left.

Oh, and the facility owner came out with a running chainsaw… (I’m serious).

What a spectacularly odd day! Read more about it here.

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