Thursday, July 8, 2010

Louisiana Governor Signs Several Abortion Restriction Laws

Bobby Jindal signed two bills with multiple restrictions into law; great news for pro-lifers and hopefully a sign to other states that such legislation can be passed.

One law requires women seeking abortions to see an ultrasound at least 2 hours before the abortion happens. Another requires abortion providers to read a script to the woman seeking an abortion making sure she knows her options regarding the ultrasound image (having it described, seeing it, getting a printout, etc). Clients may sue abortion providers who fail to strictly follow the script.

Another bill will prohibit insurance companies from covering abortions when the insurance exchange is setup in 2014 while the last allows the state Department of Health to shut down abortion operations found to be—or suspected to be—in violation of state laws (I think a Live Action undercover operation is a great idea!).

Find out more information about this encouraging story at LifeSiteNews.

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