Friday, July 16, 2010

Why do Catholics say the pill can cause abortions?

Artificial contraception is a topic that nearly always catches my eye in a headline. It’s one of the main reasons I remain a Catholic and am convinced that the truth of Jesus Christ is not only contained in the Bible but also in Sacred Tradition.

Before 1930, every Christian denomination stood shoulder to shoulder in opposition to artificial contraception. There were no notable exceptions. From 1930 – 1960 each and every Protestant denomination “changed their minds” and have universally stopped opposing it (some endorse and promote for population control / environmental reasons). For the last fifty or so years the Catholic Church has stood alone in opposing artificial contraception.

This has led to some interesting events. We’ve been called everything from backward to oppressors of women for our opposition to contraception. We’ve likely lost many, many Catholics to “easier” Christian denominations (John 6:60, 66 anyone?). Oddly enough the Catholic Church has seen many people come to her over this teaching.

Scott Hahn, for example, first realized the pope may not actually be the anti-Christ when he and his wife realized contraception was universally condemned and only Catholics had held their ground. Dr. Ray Guarendi attributes the Catholic Church’s stance on artificial contraception for his return to her. Now that the abortifacient properties of the pill have come to light; any Christian denomination that opposes abortion must either renounce the pill and admit they were wrong; or continue in an oddly inconsistent position. The Catholic Church alone rejected the pill even before it’s become clear that it causes abortions.

In Dr. Ray’s words; it’s pretty obvious the Catholic Church is the one protected by the Holy Spirit. It’s the only one that saw the danger before science pointed it out.

Interestingly, an Evangelical Protestant group has now released a documentary showing exactly how the pill works. They show how preventing ovulation is only one way the pill stops pregnancy; another way is by thinning the lining of the uterus; preventing a fertilized egg from implanting. The embryo (also known as a living human being) has no where to go but out.

Is this a sign that some of our Protestant brothers and sisters will come home to the one Church that never got on the bandwagon in the first place? Only time will tell but I'm very pleased to see the very positive discussion of natural family planning as an alternative.

In the meantime; watch the documentary and get yourself informed!

The Birth Control Pill Documentary from T Herbert on Vimeo.

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