Monday, August 9, 2010

Kids In Mind Movie Review Site

I was listening to Gus Lloyd on the radio this morning and a caller mentioned a website that deserves mention here. The context of the conversation was Lloyd’s regret at taking his two teenage sons to the movie “The Other Guys”. The movie was funny (according to Gus Lloyd) but had more bad language and sexual innuendo than he wanted his kids exposed to. The caller mentioned to avoid such situations. scores movies on sexual content, violence, and profane language and then lists each and ever instance under each category. For example, the recent movie “Salt” has the following in their review:

SEX/NUDITY 3 - A wife kisses her husband good morning briefly. A husband and his wife kiss briefly on their wedding day.
► A woman held captive in a solitary confinement cell is dragged out of the cell and we see that she is wearing only a bra and panties. A woman wears a gray suit with a skirt slit up the leg to mid-thigh. A woman's bare thighs are shown briefly while putting on a pair of trousers. During a school wrestling class, two dozen teenage boys wear skintight gym trousers and spandex tops.
► A man says to a woman, "Utilitarian is the new sexy" in reference to folded dinner napkins. A sign above a bar entrance says "Jugs and Blokes."
I used that example because I went to “Salt” the other day and didn’t notice half of that stuff. In any event, if you’re concerned that a movie may be inappropriate for your kids then I’d head over to to see what it’s like.

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