Thursday, August 5, 2010

TaDa Ministries Game Review 01: Panzer Clash

Ok, if you’re an even casual reader of this blog then that may seem like a very odd title. Game review? What’s that all about?

Well, yes, the video below is a review of a game (it’s a card game; not a board game) and yes I’m posting it here on TaDa Ministries; a Catholic apologetics website.


Here’s the story. I’ve always enjoyed board games quite a lot and have very much enjoyed trying to design a couple but never mentioned it here because I couldn’t see a reasonable relationship between my faith and my hobby.

Tara (the wife) and I went to a marriage and family conference in June and they talked at length about the danger families are facing. More and more forces are pulling kids and parents apart and the result is more vulnerable children (who don’t have strong, positive parental guidance) and wounded parents (who think they’re doing something wrong). The solution in many cases is often found in everyday life; eating meals together, playing in the yard together and (drum roll) playing games together.

A light went on in my little mind.

Then, through chance and geekery, a game designer offered to send me a copy of two of his games if I would review them. I figured I had nothing to lose (free games? Sure!) and when I got the games the light in my head lit some more.

I won’t do a ton of these (at least, I don’t intend to) game reviews and the purposes of the reviews isn’t to sell games or even to educate you about games. The idea is to show how a game can be used to build family relationships. What about this game should be capitalized to its fullest and what aspects may need to be minimized? What benefits (teamwork, communications, a moral point, etc) should a family be getting out of this game? These are the sorts of questions I intended to answer using a combination of games I happen to already own or—as is the case with this game—that a designer has sent to me to review.

So, please enjoy the first episode of TaDa Ministries Game Reviews!

TaDa Ministries Game Review 01: Panzer Clash from TaDa Ministries on Vimeo.

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