Wednesday, August 11, 2010

TaDa Ministries Game Review 02: Elemental Clash

Here’s another game review for folks interested in them to watch. Elemental Clash is a relatively inexpensive deck-building card game. Like Panzer Clash (episode 01) players are trying to exhaust their opponent’s deck instead of trying to “kill” them so I like that about it. Also it’s got pretty streamlined mechanics making it easier to learn and play than other similar card games.

Elemental Clash is a fantasy-themed game so if that’s not your thing or if you don’t want to bring that into your home then you may want to pass on this one. It’s also competitive which can e a good or bad thing.

If you opt to play competitive games in your family I strongly encourage using it as an opportunity to teach how to deal with losing (and winning) because those skills are desperately needed in adult life.

For the record this game was given to me by the designer to review. That matters to some people I guess.

TaDa Ministries Game Review 02: Elemental Clash from TaDa Ministries on Vimeo.


A. Propst said...
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Carl S said...

Game looks fun. I like the mechanics built in to avoid the "stale mate". Seems like it'd be great as a warm up game before getting into some big, sprawling board game. Great review!