Thursday, August 12, 2010

Whom Are Catholics Called To Evangelize?

Yesterday we looked at why Catholics are called to evangelize (and gave a brief definition of evangelization as “openly living a life consistent with the Gospel”) and today we’ll look at who we’re called to evangelize.

There are many people who think evangelization is for those who haven’t heard of Jesus Christ or who openly reject him. While it’s important to show these individuals the joy of living a Christ-filled life, they’re far from the only ones who are in need of evangelization.

Many Catholic apologists make a living debating and debunking Protestant ideology. While their tactics can be a bit abrasive (as I have been in the past) the aim is well-intentioned. As we saw yesterday, the goal of evangelization is to bring people closer to Christ—even if they already know him—and many Protestants do know Christ extremely well. However, through the Sacraments, particularly the Eucharist, they can come to know him more fully.

It would be easy to stop there; and many people do. A lot of folks assume that even this blog is directed toward Protestants and non-Christians who don’t understand the Catholic faith. In reality this blog is directed toward Catholics, one of the most overlooked—and important—groups we are called to evangelize!

Many Catholics today have been very poorly taught the tenants of our faith. Few can clearly articulate what believe and even less why we believe it. More disturbingly many think of their faith as something they do for an hour on Sunday that has no practical purpose in their lives.

In the end, the answer to “whom am I supposed to evangelize” is everyone. There is no one who can’t draw closer to Christ. Anyone can benefit from your faithful, honest living of the Christian way. Whether it’s the clerk at the grocery store or that annoying guy at work or the family that always sits in the front row at church, everyone deserves and needs your witness to the joy, peace, and difference an authentic Christian life makes.

You're a missionary right where you are; my prayer is that you'll let God use you.

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