Friday, September 3, 2010

Gov. Pawlenty Turns Down Condom-Pushing Federal Grant

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty makes me a bit proud to have once been a Minnesota resident (I may even have voted for him… I can’t remember). He didn’t allow his state to apply for an $850,000 federal grant that would have funded contraceptive-pushing sex education programs (“now, children, we’re going to learn how to “protect” this cucumber…”). Instead he applied for a smaller grant for abstinence-only education.

Interestingly the federal government would fund the entire “comprehensive” program but the state is required to pick up $379,000 of the abstinence-only program. Golly, I wonder which option the federal government wants states to choose?

This is exactly the sort of person we want making decisions. Instead of taking the financially incentivized plan (contraception makes money; abstinence doesn’t) he’s opted to follow the path that studies show is the most effective at delaying sexual activity in young people; and therefore is best for them.

Well done, Governor Pawlenty.

Check out the LifeSiteNews article for more information.

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