Thursday, September 2, 2010

Mass: We Pray. Go to church on your Wii?

This can’t possibly be real; can it? You’ve got to be kidding me; a video game for the Wii where players play by… going to Mass? And it includes a cross-shaped Wii-mote holder and optional kneeler accessory! Kids and adults can practice all sorts of different rituals from taking collection to transubstantiation! Don’t believe me? Check out the trailer!

I have three comments regarding this whole idea.

1): Catholics don’t need to practice taking collection; it’s a grace received at baptism.
2): I reached a new record in exclamation marks per paragraph.
3): This is not a real game (though it’d be pretty funny if it was).

As a note; be careful about sharing the website for this “game” (you’ll notice that I didn’t). All the links on the game’s website actually take you to an order page for a game called Dante’s Inferno which may be based on classic literature but is actually rated M for Mature for: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content. So much for brining families closer to heaven (oh, the irony!).

Thanks to Ashley Friese for passing this video along to me. It was worth a chuckle.

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