Wednesday, September 1, 2010

TaDa Ministries Review 04: The Game Crafter

Today’s review isn’t exactly about a game but about a website that allows people to create their own games and also allows people to buy those games. The company is The Game Crafter ( and the purpose of this review is to show you what to expect if you opt to make a purchase there.

Two of the games I’ve reviewed and others that I will review are published by The Game Crafter so I made this review to give people a heads up on what to expect from them.


TaDa Ministries Review 04: The Game Crafter from TaDa Ministries on Vimeo.


Charleston James said...

Great review Dan, thanks!

Paul Waak said...

Thanks, Dan. This review really helps.

Carl S said...

I have just started using The Game Crafter myself. You've covered it very well. My experience so far has been excellent!