Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Abortionist Pulls Gun on Pro-Lifers

According to LifeSiteNews, an abortionist pulled and pointed a handgun from inside his car at a group of people as young as 17 who were praying outside an his abortion clinic in Charleston, S.C.  The abortionist was arrested and released on bail; unfortunately this is a "he said she said" deal since the abortionist claims he drew the weapon after his car was approached (which pro-lifers deny).

Not that it's excusable but it is understandable for abortion providers to be a bit frustrated with folks praying outside their facilities.  40 Days for Life has claimed that only 13 days into their campaign at least 138 children have been sparred from abortion; and that's only the number we know of!  Let's see, if the average abortion costs $400 then that's $55,200 in lost revenue for abortionists.  People outside a clinic praying is bad for business.  This is why we've seen pro-lifers arrested, a bunch of laws being put forward to prevent "harassment", and now guns being pulled.  And don't forget the murder of Jim Pouillon who was killed for holding a pro-life sign.

Please pray for the safety and success of those who have the courage to be a visible witness to the value of each and every human life.  May God bless them for their efforts.

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