Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Another Reason Catholics Call Priests “Father”

Believe it or not some people take Jesus words in Matthew 23:9 (call no man father) to mean Catholics shouldn’t call priests “father”.  A less tongue-in-cheek response can be found here but for today I’d like to share an observation I had yesterday.

My kids listen to “God music” in the car and at home all the time.  My oldest daughter seizes onto a CD and insists we listen to it over and over and over and over and over and over until we convince her to try a new CD and then she gets hooked on that one.  Anyway, we got a CD set with a bunch of Bible Camp type songs on them.  They’re pretty run-of-the-mill songs like I’m in the Lord’s Army and This Little Light of Mine.

Another one was Father Abraham.

It’s an interesting (and repetitive) song about how Father Abraham had many sons and I am one of the (and so are you).

This song is by no means a “Catholic” one so… Catholics are unbiblical for calling priests father but… we can teach our kids to call Abraham “father”?

Why is that again?

I mean, to be technical, I’m not a descendant of Abraham and you probably aren’t either.  So he must be our father in a spiritual sense; which is exactly what Catholics say about priests.

Maybe the next time I’m asked why Catholics call priests “father” I’ll just start singing Father Abraham instead of showing a bunch of places in Scripture where people are called “father”.  It may be a lot easier.

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