Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dan's Talk on Mary and the Virgin Birth

Last Sunday I was at Corpus Christi in Bismarck speaking about the significance of the virgin birth of Jesus for the earliest Christians and us today.  In addition we went through the four "Marian Dogmas" of the Catholic Church--that Mary is the mother of God, that she was immaculately conecieved, that she is a perpetual virgin, and finally that she was assumed body and soul into heaven.

For each of these dogmas we discussed what Catholics actually believe, why we believe it, and looked at the difference it makes in our daily lives (is it just useless trivia or does it make a difference?).

I apologize that the audio quality is simply "ok" as opposed to "awesome".  Also, this blog site doesn't simply allow uploading mp3 files so I've added an image to it.  It's a static image so don't bother watching; just listen.

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