Friday, October 22, 2010

TaDa Ministries Game Review 06: Monster Monkeys

The gist of the game is all players compete to be the first to visit 6 haunted houses around the neighborhood.  Each player "owns" one haunted house so players have to pay each other (in candy) to get access.  It's a roll-the-dice-and-move sort of game that pulls off the Halloween theme in a convincing (and kid-friendly) way and may help youngsters with adding, subtracting, basic multiplication, and making strategic decisions.

I liked the free-roaming feel of the game though having to hit a specific spot (well, 6 specific spots) by rolling a 12-sided die could get monotonous at times.  However, it's designed to be a kids game and if it's taken in that spirit it does a good job. 

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