Friday, November 12, 2010

Not Sure What to Make of This

I was reading the headlines this morning  and found two articles.  The first one was about a man who beat a priest bloody because the priest allegedly abused him in 1975.  The second was about a Palestinian who was arrested for creating Facebook pages and posting blog comments claiming to be God and making fun of Islam and religion in general.

I don’t think I’m a conspiracy theorist (who does?) but is it just me or is the first story a bit odd?  The end of the article says the guy who beat up a priest has received “hundreds” of offers for financial assistance in defending himself in court and people are coming to trial to support him.

Does anyone else see a problem with cheer on a man for being a vigilante?  Do folks really think it’s ok to first accept a $600k + settlement and then send your alleged attacker to the hospital?  In most cases we would all say “no” but apparently priests don’t deserve due process.  I haven’t got a clue if the priest abused this guy or not—how would I know—but it sends a strong message that so many people are willing to support a 43-year-old man who “beat bloody” a 63-year-old priest.

The second story shook me not because a guy was arrested for bashing Islam; no shock there.  What surprised me is the article’s acceptance of the fact as fair.  I didn’t sense that the journalist thought this was strange at all.  Why wouldn’t a Muslim who blasphemed be arrested for life?  It’s common sense, right?

Where’s the outcry for religious tolerance?  Where are the human rights activists saying the man has a right to his opinions? 

What a world; an accused Catholic priest apparently deserves to be beaten up and those who speak against Islam deserve life behind bars or worse.


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