Monday, December 13, 2010

Letting Actions Speak for Themselves

Last Sunday’s readings had a great message in them; let your actions speak for themselves.  This seems particularly appropriate when it comes to living in the world as a Christian.  The first reading was from Isaiah and described the coming of the Lord.  Amazing things would happen, the blind would see, the lame would walk, the dead would be raised.  Then in the Gospel, John the Baptist sends his disciples to Jesus to ask if he’s “the one”.  Jesus tells them to figure it out for themselves, the blind see, the lame walk, and the dead live again.  I mean, who did they THINK he was?

I once met a fellow who was very kind, a great listener, and made you the center of the world when you were talking to him.  He also was an Evangelical Christian but I only knew because I asked him.

Just as Jesus didn’t ask John’s disciples to believe he was the Messiah based on Jesus’ authority (by saying “Yep, that’s me”), the loving person from the last paragraph up didn’t ask me to believe he’s a true lover of Christ just because he said so.  He made his love of Christ known by loving me.  To be honest, I would’ve been shocked had he claimed not to be Christian.

Jesus tells us several times that we’ll be judged according to our actions (the “fruit” we bear) and that our actions will “prove” whether or not we actually believed in him.  As they say, talk is cheap, but in the end the time for talking will be over and the time for letting our actions, our lives, speak for themselves will arrive.  Sadly, I’ve spent more of my time saying I’m a Christian than actually being one.

Right now seems like a really good time to change that.

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