Sunday, September 11, 2011

005 CtC - How to Get Something Out of Mass

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Welcome to our first interview.  My fantastic wife Tara was kind enough to answer some questions about how to "get more out of" Mass.  Have you ever heard someone say they don't get anything out of the Mass?  Tara's here to help!

Listen to Learn:
  • Kids a great blessing; they have to be because they don't let you pay attention at church!
  • What to do when sprinkled with holy water or bowed to by a minister
  • What you're "supposed" to do with your hands during the Our Father

(Minute:Second - Description of link)
00:14 - Nope, I mention it NEXT podcast, which I've already recorded (I'm getting mixed up I guess)
00:17 - Corpus Christi Catholic Church
01:18 - Our kids are... busy!
06:14 - Orans hand posture
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