Thursday, December 20, 2012

Yet another reason Catholics baptize with water... baptism is our rebirth/recreation and the Bible always associates creation/recreation with water.  

For example, in the very beginning God created the dry land by making the waters go down and he made a covenant with Adam & Eve. In Noah's time God recreated the world by flooding it with water and letting the waters go down until dry land appeared. Only those in the ark were saved and God made a new covenant with them. In the time of Moses the Israelite people fled Egypt through the Red Sea; the waters parted and dry land appeared. The Egyptians entered the waters and drowned while the Israelites passed through and were saved from the Egyptian army. On the other side, God called them his chosen people and made yet another covenant with them.

Again and again we forces of sin perishing in the waters and those who trust in God emerging a new creation, free from sin and chosen by God. How odd would it be to now say all we must do is recite a prayer for the same effect? In baptism we believe sin is put to death inside of us and we emerge a new creation chosen by God and part of his new covenant. This is yet another reason Catholics use water in baptism.

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