Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Yet another reason Catholics believe baptism is the way to accept Christ’s death... the Bible and early Christians make it clear that baptism saves us. 

Christ says we need to be born again of water and spirit (Jn 3:5), St. Peter says baptism now saves us and it’s not just an outward washing of dirt (1 Pt 3:21), and St. Paul says we’re saved through a washing of rebirth (Titus 3:5). In the second century, St. Justin wrote that only those “washed in the washing unto regeneration” could partake of the Eucharist (First Apology).

Why does baptism save us? St. Paul answers in Romans 6:4 that in baptism we’re “buried with Christ” and “baptized into death”. It’s not that “someone” has to die because of our separation from God; “we” have to die. I do, and you do. Many Christians says Christ “dies for us” but Catholics are a bit more nuanced and say we may “die with him”. Because of Jesus’ death we may also die with him (through baptism) and be raised as he was raised.

That Scripture and early Christians declare the need to be saved through water and spirit is yet another reason Catholics believe baptism saves us.

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