Tuesday, December 4, 2012

One reason why Catholics believe in God...

...is faith in God is reasonable. 

Plenty of people view faith in an invisible “God in the sky” as a fairy tale; something nice to think about but unscientific and improvable. Others believe it’s real but it’s impossible to explain beyond “just knowing”. Catholics believe that faith in an invisible God is perfectly logical and is actually more reasonable than believing the universe is mere random chance.

One basic scientific principle is the Law of Motion. You learned it in grade school; an object at rest stays at rest unless another object movies it. A book on a shelf stays on the shelf unless my kids come along and knock it off (and color in it and tear the pages out… you get the point). We should be able to trace every movement back to one original movement (call it the Big Bang if you’d like). The big question is: what caused the first movement? If there was a time before stuff was moving then what made stuff move?

You could say the same thing about cause and effect. Everything that happens had a cause. What caused the first effect? What caused something to happen when nothing was happening? The physical universe has no answer.

Reason and logic tell us there has to be something outside of and greater than the physical reality around us; otherwise the physical reality around us simply couldn’t exist. Reason and logic tell us there must be “God”. This is yet another reason Catholics believe that faith in God is reasonable.

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