Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yet another reason Catholics believe God has a way to save us...

...is the witness some people give through their lives. 

In my own life I know I make many choices based on selfishness and pride that harm myself and the people around me. I know what I ought to do but I don't always choose it. Other times, in the midst of temptation I shock myself by standing firm and not wavering from what I know is the better choice. It's these moments that show me something more is happening within me.

This is even more clear in the lives of certain people. Mother Theresa of Calcutta (now Blessed Theresa of Calcutta) is famous all around the world because of her incredible ability to make the right choice; to throw aside pride and selfishness and embrace what she felt was her true calling. Francis of Assisi is extremely well known for his disregard for all things pleasurable. Mahatma Gandhi is known in all places because of his insistence on peace over violence; with amazing results. Thomas Moore is renown for standing up to his good friend King Henry VIII even to the point of death because Moore refused to violate his conscience. Augustine of Hippo went from a pagan scoundrel filling himself on every worldly pleasure to becoming one of the most prolific and influential writers of all time. He died in 430 AD.

We don't need to stop there but the point is made. Those glimpses of goodness from beyond myself that I sometimes get are made manifest in many, many people throughout history and they all have one thing in common; the claim to other-worldly grace. It seems the more humble a person is the more they claim a crazy phenomenon of receiving their ability to be selfless from an external source. It seems that all a person needs to do is embrace the decision to live a life of love and the rest falls into place.

The fact that many people throughout history have successfully lived by their conscience with considerable success (though not perfection) and that each of us can see at least traces (and hopefully even more than traces) of this outside influence calling us to live differently in our lives is yet another reason (but certainly not the only reason) that Catholics believe God has chosen to intervene in our plight.

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