Wednesday, December 5, 2012

One reason Catholics believe in an intelligent God is...

...the world shows design. 

Yesterday we talked about one reason why faith in God is reasonable; but is this God a “life force” or “pure energy” or what? How do we go from there to the Christian concept of God? Well you certainly don’t make that leap in one step but one way to learn more about this unmoved mover is to study what he’s done; namely that he created creation.

If you’re flying in a plane (flying other ways isn’t recommended) would you think to yourself “what luck that all of these raw materials randomly refined themselves into this incredible device that can fly!” Probably not. Most of us recognize that airplanes aren’t random or a matter of chance. Highly educated engineers dedicate their lives to figuring out how to get metal, luggage, and people safely into the air (and back down again). We can clearly see that because airplanes are so complex and they have such a specific purpose they must have been designed; and only an intelligent mind can design.

However, the complexity of an airplane next to the complexity of the universe is like a child’s crayon scribbling next to the Mona Lisa. The fact that the Earth doesn’t get flung into deep space or sucked into the sun shows us we’re not part of random nature but part of a finely tuned machine. The fact that everything gets smaller as it gets colder except water which expands when it freezes and that one, tiny bit of trivia is the difference between life and death shows that thought was put into how stuff works. The fact that the whole of creation hasn’t disintegrated or collapsed in on itself shows that it has a purpose; to continue growing. The complexity and purpose of creation requires design. Design requires intelligence. This is yet another reason that Catholics believe not just in a “life force” but an intelligent God who put thought into his creation.

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