Friday, December 14, 2012

Yet another reason Catholics believe Jesus Christ is the way God saves us... we must believe this or reject Christ as a liar or a lunatic. 

We’ve mentioned before that non-Christians often publicly speak of Jesus as a prophet or a good man but not the Son of God. But how can a man who falsely claims to be God’s son be a good man, much less a prophet?

If Jesus isn’t the Son of God but claimed to be (as he certainly did) then either he knows he’s not and he lied about it or he thinks he is and is delusional. It seems we wither accept Christ’s claims of divinity or we reject him entirely. He didn’t leave room for middle-ground.

Looking deeper, what kind of man would pretend to be God’s son to the point of being crucified? Jesus was given many, many chances to relent but he never took them. If he made it all up; why accept torture and death for it? On the other hand, how could the beatitudes and the rest of Jesus’ wisdom come from someone mentally unstable enough to think himself God’s only son? Doesn’t his wisdom show him more sane than any of us?

That Jesus only gave us three options, liar, lunatic, or lord, and the first two are clearly not the case is yet another reason Catholics believe Jesus Christ is God’s way of saving us.

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