Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Yet another reason Catholics believe Jesus Christ is the way God saves us... his life’s example. 

Yesterday, we mentioned a few people whose example showed that there’s a possibility of living a good life. It’s interesting to see why we call their lives “good”. What do we like about how they lived? What parts of their lives do we admire and what parts of their lives do we gloss over because it may tarnish their image?

In all of the examples given yesterday we can see that what we love about each of these great people is how they conform to the example given to us in Christ. We love Blessed Theresa because of her extreme love for the poor; like Jesus’ love for the poor. We admire St. Thomas Moore for his fidelity to truth; like Jesus’ fidelity to truth. Even Gandhi (a Hindu) is beloved because of his rejection of worldly violence to achieve a goal; like Christ’s rejection of violence by telling Peter to put away his sword (Mt 26:52) and his insistence that, if he asked it, God could easily rescue him from danger (Mt 26:53).

When we evaluate what we admire and disdain in others (and ourselves) we find that what we admire conforms to Christ’s life and what we disdain doesn’t. Even today Muslims regard Jesus as a “prophet” and (most) Jews refer to him as a “good man” because whatever you may feel about his claims to divinity he lived a life of complete consistency.

Over the next few days we’ll look at other reasons Catholics believe in Christ but for today the fact that the example of his life fits the ideal standard of how we ought to live is yet another reason Catholics believe Jesus Christ is the way God chose to save us.

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