Thursday, December 13, 2012

Yet another reason Catholics believe Jesus Christ is the way God saves us... his wisdom. 

Don’t get me wrong, lots of people are smart, but Jesus shows himself to understand humanity in a deeper way then we do. Imagine if cars could talk (Knight Rider, anyone?) and could reason. Cars would know quite a bit about themselves; but engineers would still know more. In a similar way, we humans know a lot about ourselves but it seems Christ has inside information on what makes us tick.

From never being caught in a word-play trap to the Beatitudes Jesus demonstrates an unparalleled understanding of how humans think and what will really make us happy. Many times Jesus is recorded as knowing what people are thinking which I believe is less a voice whispering their thoughts in his ear and more that he “gets” humans so well that he doesn’t need to be told what they’re thinking; he just knows. Sometimes we experience this with people we know well; all we need is a look or subtle body language and we know exactly what’s on their mind. This is how I imagine Jesus was with everyone at all times.

That Jesus understands humanity as an outside observer and as a participant (instead of just as a participant like the rest of us) is yet another reason Catholics believe he’s the way God has chosen to save us.

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