Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Yet another reason Catholics believe Jesus Christ is the way God saves us...

...is he has an actual plan for salvation. 

Our rebellion naturally leads to separation for our Creator which leads to death. This is the principle problem humanity faces; how do we overcome our separation from God and enter back into relationship with him? Most of the world’s religions answer that we need “to be good” or “to be enlightened” or “live well and after being reincarnated a bunch of times maybe you’ll finally get it right” but only Christ says “I will die for you and allow you to use my death as your own”. Christ’s solution is the only one that actually addresses the problem. We also see in his example that through his death God gives greater life back in the resurrection. When we die with Jesus then we also get to live with him (more on that tomorrow).

That our fallen nature leads to death and only Jesus offers a path through death into new life is yet another reason Catholics believe he is God’s way of saving us.

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