Friday, January 4, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics baptize infants... that our need for baptism comes at conception.  

Many folks don’t baptize until the person’s at an “age of reason”. Catholics believe that the purpose of baptism is to overcome our separation from God and this separation begins at conception.

Imagine a couple who want to adopt a child. They go to the orphanage, find a beautiful baby whom the couple would love to adopt, but they leave the baby at the orphanage for seven or eight years because “the baby can’t choose to be adopted yet”. Wouldn’t that be bizarre? We don’t get the baby’s consent; we get the birth parents’ consent. Logic tells us that it’s best for the baby to be in a loving home as soon as possible.

Baptism works in a very similar way. The parents present their baby to God who wants to adopt the child into his family. That the baby is separated from God and that it’s best for the baby to be joined to God as quickly as is reasonable is yet another reason Catholics baptize infants.

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