Monday, January 7, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics baptize infants... that’s what the earliest Christians did.  

St. Polycarp was given a chance to renounce his faith or be killed around 155 AD. He is quoted as responding he had followed Christ for 86 years and wasn’t about to stop now; he was 86 years old. He clearly considered himself to be a follower of Christ from his infancy; something he would’ve associated with baptism.

Irenaeus and Origin state plainly in their writings that infants are baptized and Hippolytus in 215 AD wrote “And they shall baptize the little children first. And if they can answer for themselves, let them answer. But if they cannot, let their parents answer or someone from their family.” which gives a nice description of not only infant baptism but God parents as well. We could list many, many more but interestingly absolutely no record is found of early Christians writing that infants should not be baptized.

That those who were taught directly by the apostles and biblical authors baptized infants is yet another reason that Catholics do today.

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