Thursday, January 17, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics believe we’re in communion with the saints... they have concern for us. 

I’ve heard a few times that if those in heaven are perfectly happy then they must not worry about us because our sins would cause them sadness. Yet, we all believe in a God who is both perfectly content and yet very concerned about us.

Isn’t loving God above everything and loving our neighbors as ourselves a requirement for getting to heaven? Wouldn’t it be odd for the second-greatest commandment—loving your neighbor—to go away once we reach heaven? This is like escaping a burning building and not being worried about those still inside. In our last post we mentioned that those in heaven rejoice at the repentance of a sinner (Lk 15:10); isn’t this a clear sign that the saints continue to care for us?

Happiness doesn’t come from ignoring sadness; it comes from trusting in God at even the saddest times. Many of the saints became holy by caring for the sick and the poor here on earth. What sense would it make for them to stop caring for the rest of us now that they’re in heaven? How could being in the presence of perfect love and charity make them less loving and charitable?

That the saints in haven have concern for us is yet another reason Catholics believe we’re in communion with them.

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