Monday, January 21, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics bother with the Communion of Saints... that we’re in communion with the saints like we’re in communion with each other.  

The last three posts dealt with why Catholics believe we can communicate with saints, why they have concern for us, and why they’re able to help us. Today we’ll roll all three together and point out that this is the same type of “communion” we have with each other.

We think nothing of asking each other to pray for us. We never doubt that those who love us desire our good and have concern for us. We sincerely believe that our loved ones’ prayers have a positive effect for us.

If we have confidence in those around us, whose hearts we don’t know and can’t judge, then how much more confidence can we have in those who have been found worthy of the kingdom of heaven? If we believe those who are here in this world can powerfully pray to God then how much more powerfully can those surrounding his throne pray for us? It would seem that the intercession of the saints should be a first stop instead of an afterthought in our times of need.

This is yet another reason Catholics bother with the Communion of Saints.

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