Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics bother with the Communion of Saints... the saints prove the possibility of holiness.

I often excuse my poor choices by saying I'm “only human”. I neglect to pray deeply because I'm “good enough”. Then I read the lives of the saints and see that holiness is possible, even for humans, and it's not about being good enough, it's about falling in love with my creator.

Knowing the stories of the saints and building relationships with them now shows that not only are we supposed to be holy but it's possible. They prove that we can do it and they show us how.

It's common knowledge that anyone who wants to excel at sports needs a good coach. We understand that nearly all professions today require years of education. What makes us think that conforming our hearts and minds to an invisible, universe-creating, society-contradicting God is easy, doesn't require practice, and doesn't need mentorship?

Are you poor, rich, healthy, sickly, old, young, smart, kinda' dull, or just plain average? No worry, there's a saint who was very similar to you who figured out how to become holy. We can't hide behind just being human or feeling like we're doing good enough; the saints prove we're capable of much more than that and they show us the path to follow.

This is yet another reason Catholics bother with the Communion of Saints.

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