Thursday, January 24, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics bother with the Communion of Saints... the power of their intercession.

While it’s important that this not be the whole focus, it’s still important to remember the helpfulness of the prayers of the saints. They’re more than memories and more than examples. The saints are alive (perhaps more alive than us on earth) and can pray strongly for us.

Before you look up the patron saint of animals so you can pray for a pony let’s consider the best use of the treasure of the saints’ intercessions. Instead of praying for things and outcomes we desire; what if we prayed to St. Paul that our hearts may be converted? What if we asked St. John of the Cross to help us pray like he did. What if we pray to St. Thomas Moore to have his courage for the Gospel? What if we pray to St. Aquinas for his wisdom and understanding f the heart of God. What if we ask Mary to help us accept God’s will even when it pierces our heart with a sword of sorrow?

Don’t stop praying to St. Anthony when things are lost but maybe the best thing to do is pray to become like God wants us instead of for the world to become like we want it. Either way, remember you’re never alone in any struggle and always have very good friends you can call on in your times of need.

This is yet another reason Catholics bother with the Communion of Saints.

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