Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics follow Scripture and Tradition... Scripture was largely validated by Tradition in the first place. 

As we saw yesterday, the existing teaching of Christ and the apostles were the measuring stick against which all writings were compared. Wouldn't it then be odd to reject these traditions and only keep the result of them?

Many folks claim to follow the Bible alone and not any tradition but virtually all of these fine people have 46 (or 39) books in their Old Testament and 27 in the New. What, other than the tradition of their parents, pastor, or Martin Luther, gives confidence that these are the correct writings to use? What gives confidence that the Letters of Clement, the Didiche, and all the other first-century writings not in the “traditional” Bible shouldn't be in the Bible?

That the Bible is born from a Church with established tradition is yet another reason Catholics use both Scripture and Tradition.

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