Monday, February 18, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics are cautious about change... God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

God is extraordinarily generous with us. He loves us, he adopts us, and he even says we're his friends (Jn 15:15). This is incredible; but we need to be careful. It's tempting to see friends as equals (which is why teachers and others in authority often don't list their students among their friends). Seeing God as a friend can lead to the dangerous notion that he's permissive.

Before 1930 each and every Christian denomination opposed artificial birth control on moral grounds. By 1960 the Catholic Church stood alone. While technology and society changed dramatically in that time, Catholics believe morality—which has its roots in an unchanging God—did not. Yes, God is our friend but he isn't our equal. My opinion on morality isn't equal to his.

Catholics reason that because Go is unchanging and he has taught something to be true, good, and beautiful, or not, before then it must be true, good, and beautiful, or not, today. We aren't at liberty to change or overrule God's perception of morality.

Besides,isn't the best kind of friend the one who tells us the truth no matter what? God would certainly be the best kind of friend.

When the world tells us it's time to embrace change and try something new then it deserves a very close look. The answer to change shouldn't always be “no” simply out of blind tradition but it also shouldn't always be “yes” out of our lust for progress.

This is yet another reason Catholics are cautious about change.

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