Friday, February 8, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics have to go to Mass every Sunday... that the Mass is a family meal.

How would Granny take it if you missed dinner at her house because you were sleeping in or there was a football game? What if she offered four meals that weekend and she only expected you to make it to one of them? What if Granny also happened to be the creator of the entire universe and offered you eternal life for swinging by for an hour?

Looking at the Mass as a family meal helps explain so much of what Catholics believe about it (as we saw yesterday). As baptized Christians we’re part of a family and that family gathers weekly for a meal. Missing family get-togethers is a big deal in most families (even when everyone pretends it’s not) and it’s no different in our Christian family.

Some folks say they can “go to church at home” but who honestly thinks eating a microwave dinner all alone is comparable to gathering with your entire world-wide family to feast? What parent wants to have dinner separately with all their children and never gather together as a family? Sure, one-on-one time with the kids is great; that’s called daily prayer. But every parent wants to pull the whole family together sometimes and that’s what God wants with us, too.

This is yet another reason Catholics are obligated to get to Mass on Sundays.

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