Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics believe God is all-good and the source of all creation yet there is evil...

...is that evil isn’t “created”.

It can be confusing to reconcile an all-good God with the existence of evil. If God created everything then he must’ve created evil, too, right?

Well, no. Here’re a couple of analogies: There is heat but there’s no such thing as “cold”. What we call cold is actually a lack of heat. If you remove all heat (Absolute Zero for you nerds out there) you can’t keep adding cold to make it colder. You could keep adding heat (theoretically) to keep making something hotter though; that’s because heat is part of creation while cold isn’t. Light and dark work the same way. Dark is merely the absence of light. You don’t darken a room by adding “dark” you take away light.

God made all things good. However, things have the capacity to be less good than they should be. This is called evil. When we see people doing mean things to each other what we’re seeing is the distance between the good they should do and what they’re actually doing. God doesn’t create the lack of good that we call “evil” but, as we’ve seen in the last two posts, he allows it.

This is yet another reason Catholics believe an all-good God who created all of creation didn’t create evil.

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