Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yet another reason the Catholic Mass is always the fundamentally the same... always the fundamentally the same is we believe it's how God wants us to be worshiped.

So often people find the Mass boring and they'd like to see this kind of music or that kind. Some people want to take this piece out or put that piece in. Why go to Mass this Sunday; it's going to be the same as every other one I've been to, right?

Imagine guests at a birthday party critiquing the games played, the songs sung, or the color of the candles on the cake. Isn't a birthday party about the person having the birthday? Shouldn't they get to set it up however they want?

In a similar way, shouldn't worship be about the one being worshiped? Shouldn't the creator of the universe have some say in how his creation worships him? Mass isn't what it is for my entertainment. It doesn't have the music that I may want to hear. In the end though, who cares?

Every time I go to Mass I'm a guest in God's house because he wants me to hear stories about him and to participate in the sacrifice of his Son. Am I surprised that an unchanging God wants us to worship him in a similar way week after week and year after year? Catholics believe God has expressed how he wants to be worshiped liturgically and the Mass is the refinement and current form of that. Sure we should pray in our own way throughout each and every day but the Mass remains fundamentally the same because it's the highest form of worship we can offer.

The next time I think about how I could improve the Mass I may do well to remember who it's for and what my role is in it.

This is yet another reason the Catholic Mass has always been fundamentally the same.

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