Monday, December 10, 2012

Yet another reason Catholics believe humans have a “fallen” nature... we don’t do what we ought to. 

Previously, we’ve discussed how we have a conscience that guides us to do good and avoid bad and that our deepest desire is to rest in God’s presence. We’ve seen that we can’t satisfy our desires here in this world which is intended to make us look for satisfaction of those desires beyond this world (i.e. search for God). The problem is that all too often we don’t function as designed.

I don’t need to look beyond my own experience to know how common acting against the direction of my conscience is or how that feeling of “is this all there is?” leads me right into the next thing that I hope will finally make me feel complete. This God who created us did so in a way specifically designed to cause us to search for him but so often I go back to what I know doesn’t work instead. The only reason I can think of to explain this is that somewhere deep down I’m broken and not working right.

Now our creator has a choice. He can either let us be this way, wandering listlessly about looking for love in all the wrong places (as they say) or he can intervene. This is a question for another day but the fact that we humans rarely make the right choice based on conscience alone is yet another reason Catholics believe our original nature has fallen and either doomed or saved by a direct intervention by our Creator.

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