Monday, March 11, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics measure spirituality by faith, hope, and love... that these three reveal the core of a person.

I find it really tempting to gauge my spirituality by how much time I spend in prayer, how many Chaplets of Divine Mercy I recite, or how close to God I feel at the moment. However, over and over I’m reminded by good priests that the most sure things to look for is the presence of, and growth in, faith, hope, and love in my life.

Feelings of closeness to another person, even Jesus, wax and wane, time in prayer that should be given to my wife and children isn’t the best way to grow spiritually, and I’m sure every Catholic can relate to blasting through a memorized prayer just to check it off the list.

On the other hand, it makes sense that remaining faithful in times of temptation, remaining hopeful in times of doubt/difficulty, and being loving no matter what are the fruits we will be judged by and ought to judge ourselves by now (Lk 6:44). I can tell myself I’m a great Christian even when praying poorly; but if I look at my faith, hope, and love, not just the outward show of them but the moving in my heart, then I can see who I really am.

This is yet another reason Catholics gauge their spirituality on faith, hope, and love.

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