Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics reject contraception and affirm NFP... how they treat the sexuality.

The Church sees marriage in general and sexual union in particular as a sign of what God is like. It's how two become one in such a real way that the one they become may need a name nine months later. It's a sign of how the Father and the Son create the Spirit. It's a sign of how the Trinity creates all of creation. It's a sign of how Jesus gives us life in the Eucharist so that we may share that life with the world.

As with the Sacraments, anything that's a sign of God needs to be an accurate sign. God's love has two core themes; it unifies the lovers and is open to creating new life.

Contraception attempts to split these two themes. It seeks the unity of the sexual act but tries to cut out the procreative aspect. This causes it to be a misleading sign. Would the Father and Son ever elect to restrict their love from creating the Trinity? Would God ever restrict his love for the Church by denying our rebirth in baptism? These notions are preposterous; but that's precisely what sexual union with an intentional barrier to life is a sign of.

Nearly every limitation the Church places on sexuality can be traced back to this concept. IVF focuses on creation of life but is not unitive, homosexual relations focus on unity but by their nature cannot be procreative. Female priests giving Jesus' seed of life in the Eucharist would be an accurate sign of Jesus as groom of the Church. Like it hate it, the Church's view of sexuality as a sign of God is the root of nearly all of the Church's most controversial beliefs.

Instead of contraception; the Church proposes natural family planning (NFP). If a couple isn't ready for more children then they abstain from relations. Some say this is just another form of birth control, and their right, but it's not another form of contraception. NFP takes all or nothing. It's either an accurate sign of God by being both unitive and open to life or it refrains from attempting to be that sign. There's no discoing the nature of sexuality; it's all or nothing.

That NFP leaves the nature of sexuality intact while contraception renders it a false sign of God's love is yet another reason Catholics reject contraception and affirm NFP.

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