Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics reject contraception and affirm NFP... that ends don’t justify means.

If I had a nickel every time I’ve heard someone say contraception and natural family planning (NFP) are the same thing because they seek the same end I’d probably have a Snickers right now (that’d be nice).

One of the most basic concepts of Catholic morality is that the ends don’t justify the means. We can all agree reducing unemployment is a good thing but does this justify government-sponsored slavery? Does the good end of ending poverty justify euthanizing those below a certain income level? These are clearly exaggeration but they show the point; just because the end is good doesn’t make the roads to that end morally equal.

Let’s assume a married couple has decided with good reason to not have more children for now. The question now becomes how to achieve that end. Looking at yesterday’s post we can see that one method (contraception) dissects God’s intended purpose of human sexuality while another (NFP) leaves it intact.

That the end doesn’t justify the means is yet another reason Catholics reject contraception and affirm NFP.

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