Friday, March 22, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics reject contraception... the “slippery slope”.

In 1968 Pope Pius VI wrote Humanae Vitae (On Human Life) in direct response to world-wide pressure to stop opposing contraception. A lot was going on in the late '60s from the creation of the birth control pill to Vatican II. The world waited expectantly as the last bastion against “women's freedom” looked like it was finally going to fall. To say Humanae Vitae was a disappointment to those seeking the Church to change would be quite the understatement.

Far from simply reiterating the Church's position, Humanae Vitae was, and probably still is, the most articulate explanation of the Church's views ever written. Part of the document's emphasis is on the secondary effects of a society that embraces contraception. Among them are opening the way to marital infidelity, men forgetting “reverence due to a woman” by “reducing her to being a mere instrument for the satisfaction of his own desires”, governments would force its use on unwilling recipients, and that humanity would come to believe the human body is under his authority, not God's.

Increases in marital infidelity isn't s shot to anyone and the cause is clear. Too bad King David didn't have a condom; he may not have had to murder Uriah after getting his wife pregnant.

Reducing women to instruments of satisfying desires is equally obvious. Pornography is now the #1 cause of divorce.

Government manipulation is terrifying to behold when we look to China's One Child policy. There have been cases of forced abortion in the U.S. Where judges rule pregnant, mentally handicapped women must abort their child (below for source).

Finally, humanity's view of ownership of our bodies has a natural conclusion as well. If “my” body is pregnant and I don't want it to be then I should have the right to fix that. If my body truly is under my authority then it makes sense that I can remove a fetus if I don't want it there. If my body is only a gift and it truly belongs to God (not even to mention the unborn child) then I do not have authority to abort.

That contraception leads to more and more morally objectionable behavior is yet another reason why Catholics reject it.

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