Friday, April 19, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics believe in Jesus' resurrection... the empty tomb.

The record of Jesus' followers right after the crucifixion isn't one to brag of. Only one disciple had the courage to remain with Jesus at the cross, Peter denied knowing him three times, and their most popular hangout was in the upper room with locked doors.

Now imagine this timid group of followers confronting Roman soldiers guarding the tomb to steal Jesus' body. Seem likely? The Gospels tell us that the soldiers were told to say that they had fallen asleep but only after being bribed and told that that they wouldn't be punished (Mt 28:11-15). The typical punishment for a soldier falling asleep at their post was severe, sometimes resulting in death. Again, this doesn't sound particularly likely.

A person could say that a dead man coming back to life isn't particularly likely either, and fair enough, but it's sufficient for today to see that there aren't other explanations that are terribly convincing. We'll look at other reasons we believe in the resurrection in future posts.

That the tomb was inexplicably empty is yet another reason Catholics believe in the resurrection.

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