Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics baptize...

...is so we may be prophets like Jesus.

Prophets proclaim the truth revealed by God. The prophets of the Old Testament called the people to look forward to the coming of the messiah, Jesus' words and actions showed the people that God had come to them to open heaven and forgive their sins, and from that time to today the baptized have been tasked with calling the people to look back at the divinity of Jesus, to look forward to his coming again in glory, and to look to find him today in our hearts and the world around us.

St. Francis famously said “preach the Gospel always and, if necessary, use words”. This is the prophetic role of the baptized. The way we live and the words we say ought to give the world evidence of our faith, hope, and love. We don't need to be perfect—sinners don't become saints overnight—but we should be on the road. We should live in a way that demonstrates our faith in a loving God unseen, our hope in things beyond this world, and our love for ourselves and all people around us.

Let's pray for the strength and the wisdom to show the world who Jesus is and that he is alive!

That Jesus calls the baptized to proclaim him to the world is yet another reason Catholics baptize.

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