Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics baptize... so we may be kings like Jesus.

In a world that thirsts for power and might it’s important to remember that we’ve been baptized into the greatest king the world has ever seen. Jesus is a king who never mixed words, pandered, or sought approval. Jesus is a king who sought out the most lost and forsaken and gave them hope. Jesus was a king who made his servants into friends. Jesus is a king who washes away the grime and dirt from our sin-stained feet. Jesus is a king who laid down his life to free his subjects. Jesus is a king who could’ve saved himself but chose not to for our sake.

Congratulations, you baptized, you’ve become a king. Now go rule a Jesus did.

That Jesus calls us to lead this world through humility and service is yet another reason Catholics baptize.

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