Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Yet another reason Catholics believe in Jesus' resurrection...

...is the witness of the apostles.

Sure, the apostles could have all conspired together to make up a fantastic story of the man who was crucified but came back to life. It would've been very difficult to get all their facts perfectly straight and to steal the body but I suppose these things are at least possible. What seems less reasonable to believe—less reasonable than a man coming back to life by the hand of God—is that each and every apostle would hold fast to a lie in the face of torture and persecution.

Of all the apostles only John died of natural causes, though he was exiled to a prison island toward the end of his life. All the rest were killed for their teachings about Jesus' resurrection. Not a single one broke faith or relented their beliefs in the face of unspeakable suffering.

What lie is worth enduring torture and death?

That the apostles who saw the risen Lord endured to the bitter end yet another reason Catholics believe in the resurrection.

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